Live Auctions are Super

This last weekend witnessed Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco, California. The must watch event of the year. The Super Bowl is one of the few things that we as Americans still do together, share in as one nation at the same time. A football game or live sporting event always reminds me of an auction. Auctions are defined points in time. There is a before and an after and a moment in every auction that demands your full attendtion. When it comes to the live auction that moment is conducted, refereed, or lead by a live auctioneer. A man or woman with a microphone, possibly assisted by bidder assistants or ringman; always demanding your attention and always asking for more, always the leading edge of the market. Every live auction is important because it is defines market for that moment in time, never to be repeated. As auctioneers Live Auctions should demand the best we can give and all that we can give, for our seller and our reputation. Bid calling is important because live auctions are special….no live auctions are SUPER.

This blog post accompanies “Episode 1 of the How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 1 – Why Bid Calling is Important” and is offered in partnership with the Fast Talking Podcastand

Listen to Episode 1:

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