IAC Champion – Day 1 – July 15, 2017

Saturday morning was nothing short of amazing.  The IAC breakfast with the Champions should be announced along with the other prizes you get when you win the IAC.  It was a very special event that I will never forget, and can’t wait to share the experience with future champions.

Following breakfast Sara and I went to help with the National Auctioneers Foundation Children’s Auction, which is the highlight of the week for kids, parents and spectators.  This year their seemed to be more kids than I ever remember.  A packed room!  I could go on and on about the Children’s Auction and the work that Lois Zielinski, Don Shearer and the Foundation do, but I’ll say the future of the auction business looks outstanding!
We had to sneak out of the Kid’s Auction early for a photo shoot.  We took photos at two locations around downtown Columbus.  The sun was very bright, I hope my eyes weren’t closed in every picture.
After the photos we had lunch with NAA CEO Hannes Combest to discuss our year as Champions and Ambassadors.  I sat there still in awe that I was the Men’s Division Champion and that I have the honor of serving the association as an Ambassador.
If you are friends with me or my wife on Facebook, you saw that we had a blast on the ride home.  We danced and sang as we listened to all types of music on our 350 mile journey home.  We made it home just before dark, 100% exhausted from an amazing week in Columbus, OH.  Thank you NAA staff, board, members, guests, family and friends for a Conference & Show we will never forget!

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