Settling in…

Today marks one week since “the big day” when Barrett and I were standing on stage in Jacksonville, Florida and our names were called as 2018 IAC champion. (Surreal). 

Today is also my first day back home. I landed in Iowa last Saturday, slept for 6 hours, swapped out the heels for cowboy boots and headed to Wyoming to cheer on my husband as he rodeoed for a week. I got many calls, emails, texts and messages asking, “Has it sunk in yet?”. Frankly, no, not really! I don’t know if it ever will, ‘sink in’ but I finally am settling in.

I’ve never done this before – I don’t know how ‘this’ is supposed to go! I’m a work in progress and I’m learning. I love that I have the opportunity to face this challenge and step out of my comfort zone into a leadership role. It’s exciting, nerve-racking and even a little scary. I can’t wait to see how my own unique voice can work for our industry in the coming year. I hope to promote the NAA and the auction industry from a whole new platform!

As I write this, (very sleep deprived and borderline panic-mode looking at the to-do list sitting on my desk) – I can’t help but think about the coming months and the butterflies don’t go away but they are fluttering in excitement.

So, I raise my cup of coffee in a cheers to YOU for allowing me this opportunity to serve and to hopefully shine for the industry we all love!

Happy FRIDAY to all. 


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