You Lost? Good! You can come back.

Winning is the goal of course. However ‘winning’ it is not the only positive outcome from entry into an auctioneering or bid calling contest. Consider these five ‘wins’ that result from simply competing:

  1. Showcase – There are numerous stories of auctioneers that have secured work and opportunities from competing in a contest in years that they did NOT win. It is in fact a fairly common occurrence (almost every contest) and for many it is reason enough to enter. A championship check is quickly spent and trophies gather dust; opportunities like those offered at contests pay dividends for years to come.
  2. Motivation – Many auctioneers find themselves in the position of being the BEST auctioneer at their own auctions or the auctions where they work. If this is the case first seek out more opportunities and then enter a contest and surround yourself with the most motivated and hungry auctioneers in your region or market. You WILL be motivated to be better.
  3. Friendships – Contests act as filters for the auction industry. A contest’s roll call is a special event. In one room are men and women who are focused on improvement, passionate about the performance art of live auctioneering and are actively seeking new challenges and opportunities. What a fantastic pool of people from which to build friendships. Friendships forged at a contest are almost universally positive and profitable.
  4. Fun – Life is given to us for living. Having FUN engaged in your chosen profession is an honor some view as reserved for athletes, musicians and entertainers. Auctioneers have the oppertunity to have fun and a great deal of it every time they pick up the microphone and every contests has the potential to be a whole lot of fun. Why wouldn’t ya?
  5. Go Again – The best thing about losing a contest is you are afforded the one oppertunity the winner has given up: the invitation to enter again next year. Winning can be bittersweet and the oppertunity to compete again next year should not be ignored.

This blog post accompanies “How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 8 – Victory from the Jaws of Defeat” and is offered in partnership with the Fast Talking Podcast and

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