#Winning: Comma or Period?

Winning a championship of any note might cause a certain whiplash to occur. In the lead up to winning you were in large part engaged in a very self-centered and egocentric pursuit. Your attention and thoughts were naturally and appropriately focused on self analysis, reflection and improvement. It was all about YOU. In an instant that goal is achieved and at least with regards to that contest ‘you got yours.’ Many champions soon realize it is no longer about ME it now is about WE.

Here are the questions every champion must ask: Will this Championship be followed by a comma or a period? Will your relationship to the organization who sponsored the contest end with you holding a trophy on stage? Will the high point of your story within the auction industry be the year you won? Your championship will be mentioned in your obituary and what, if anything, follows that postmortem line will define you as much as the trophy.

Will this Championship be followed by a comma or a period?

As a reigning or past champion there are four areas of service to consider to the association or group that sponsored the contest:

  1. Promotion – This may be delivered in many forms but it always comes down to being a positive voice both within and for the association(s), the industry and the practice of auctioneering. As champion you have a stage and a voice . Using that platform to promote yourself and your business comes naturally. What may take thought and effort is using the championship to advance awareness of the auction profession and promotion of the association in terms of brand identification. It is work to be sure, however promotion is the tide that raises all ships.
  2. Advocacy – If you were not a leader before in the industry you now have a leadership opportunity as a champion; emphasis on opportunity. Take that leadership position and use it to advocate when appropriate to those who have influence over the auction profession, the specialty markets in which we work or the general climate for small and medium sized businesses. The more popular and accepted the auction option becomes the more advocates will be called upon to defend, protect and advance the auction industry’s interests. Who better to champion that cause than the champion?
  3. Education – As a champion you also have an unique opportunity to help educate your fellow auction professionals and the general public. Not everyone is cut out to teach and that is not a compelling passion for every champion. That said take this opportunities to share your wisdom and experience. It can be in a one on one mentorship when a contestant calls, an auction school classroom setting, blog or podcast. Sowing into your fellow professional is a blessing and an amazing opportunity to change someone’s trajectory.
  4. Donation – Cheerful and abundant donation of your time to the above efforts is critical and strongly advised to make your championship year into a championship career. Donation of your hard earned dollars is also a way to show lasting support. It might be sponsorship or scholarships or just regular membership but our checkbook shows what is most important to us.

Winning a Championship is a goal for some champions and for others it is a stepping stone to something greater.

This blog post accompanies “How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 9 – #Winning” and is offered in partnership with the Fast Talking Podcast and IACInsider.com.

Listen to Episode 9:  fasttalkingpodcast.com/focus/0109
Watch Episode 9:  https://youtu.be/v_50IM3lwQk

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