A Place for Everyone

There is a place for everyone in this truly wonderful business we call auctioneering. This series of podcasts and blogs has focused on competitions and business development and while contests and live auctioneering are not everyone’s desire or skill set, everyone has a skill set that can be put to great use. Winning a championship is easy; entering a contest year after year is the real challenge. Going to Auction School is easy however based on the the number of people who attend versus the number who are today auction professionals it is clear finding lasting success in the auction industry is rare.

The relative rarity of successful auction professionals may be due to a lack of understanding that one need not be a bid caller to be useful in the auction industry. The public sees a man or woman with microphone saying SOLD. The public often fails to notice the bidder assistant, the clerk, the cashier, the set up crew, the office manager, accounting department, etc, etc.

After attending a qualified auction school there are four keys to longevity in the auction business regardless of your passions or skill set.

  1. Mentors – Developing your auctioneering practice at the School of Hard Knocks is one option however this is a particularly brutal and often long way to the top. Further making mistake after mistake is not fair to your initial clientele. Mentors are a short cut, saving grace and critical to success and career longevity.
  2. Diversified Skill Set  – Being willing and able to fill a number of roles on auction day and in the auction business often leads to a long and successful career. Bid calling is the Siren’s song that draws people to the business but diversity and flexibility is what keeps people in the profession.
  3. Continuing Education – There are real limitations to even the best auction school. Typically curriculum is state mandated and focuses naturally on getting started in the auction business not necessary staying in the business long term. Further as a career evolves an auctioneer might wish to specialize in a market, asset or skill set. Post auction school education may be overlooked in the enthusiasm of ordering the first batch of business cards however it is often the difference between ‘Auction School Washout’ and ‘Auction School Success Story’.
  4. Active Association Membership – The fastest and cheapest method to obtain the above mentioned keys is to be an active member of the National Auctioneers Association and your state Auctioneers Association. There are many pathways to success in our auction industry. Associations, conferences and contests might not be for everyone and every situation. That said life is best lived in community and auctioneers are an interesting, motivated and dynamic community of business people. It is a lot more fun building a business and an auctioneering life together than it might be by yourself. ‘We’ always trumps ‘me’.
    This blog post accompanies “How to Win an Auctioneer Contest: Part 10 – Winning is Easy, Entering is Hard” and is offered in partnership with the Fast Talking Podcast and IACInsider.com.

    Listen to Episode 9:  fasttalkingpodcast.com/focus/0110
    Watch Episode 9:  https://youtu.be/BzWKxoqZev8

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If you are an auctioneer or auction professional or aspire to the same join the National Auctioneers Association TODAY. It will change your life.


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